Sunday, February 1, 2015

For the first time in my campus life, I failed my environmental pollution class last semester, I got C+ while few of people could get B or even B+ and 80% got D and E, truth be honest it doesn’t make me feel so down maybe I was so ignorance, I was lazy or whatever, but I felt something’s weird about this class and in the end I let it pass, I wont worried about it anymore, I learn from the experience and mistakes, I’ll teach myself to not start the blame game.

This semester became even worst.
I'm not sure I couldn't get my bachelor of public health this semester, it may seems so impossible, though I still prepare my proposals and everything related to Skripsi/Essay between the 3 challenges (KKT/Integrated work lecture, PBL 3/Practice of Learning based the field, and being an internship student) and trying to keep focused with my proposals for Skripsi. Many of you might think why am I so rushing step to step? I am just in competition with no one, of course I want to graduate as soon as possible (if I could) with pride, the love of my parents, and the supports from kind people around me, I won't wait & just hope for nothing, I should take an action / a courage to do what I can really do, throw away the fear & the worries, HAVE FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, and believing that everything will be beautiful in its time, I have so many big dreams I want to achieve, hey what is life without a dream? I have been planning to have other big goals in life :) I have no desire to play game of being better than anyone. Literally, I am just trying to be greater than the person I was yesterday and first of all, I should stop complaining & start to catch my dreams :)
LOL my bare face.
JREP shoes / ADIEU outwear / NILE PERCH tartan skirt

Friday, January 30, 2015

I don't know if you have experienced this before, but in my case, kabel charger iPhone aku sudah pernah rusak 3 kali which mean I've already changed my iPhone's charger 2 times in a year and that's why I gave up using my 4S because if I keep buying the charger, I'd be broken the price of iPhone's charger is expensive, how could it be like that? Mungkin saja karena bahan kabel yang menjadi lebih ringan dari sebelum, waktu jadi Nokia user waktu SMP ngerasa beda banget dengan bentuk dan bahan charger smartphone canggih akhir-akhir ini; di liat dari diameternya yang lebih kecil, tidak tebal dan gampang banget di bolak balik bahkan kelipat sendiri kalau di taruh di dalam tas, gak jarang menurut pengalamanku dan teman-teman pengguna Apple & Samssung gadgets sering ngalamin kerusakan kabel charger tepat di bagian pangkal port charger. Well, itu semua tergantung dari perawatan gadget dari pemiliknya masing-masing juga sih, right? Oh, and what makes me more frustated is it's not only happening to my iPhone 4S, charger macbook dan Samsung S4 aku juga pernah "patah/terputus" diujungnya tahun lalu, it really made me sad because it required a lot of money to buy both of them in a year. So, I would love to say thank you to @Net.Marble (instagram account) for sending me these glow in the dark cords for covering (protecting) my iPhone 5S' charger so that it doesn't get dirty and broken easily. Net.Marble has a lot of colorful cords + glow in the dark cords for your Samsung & Apple chargers in affordable price, so grab your cord protectors now @NET.MARBLE before you experience the same thing like my case.

Friday, January 23, 2015

New style post which actually my signature post for this blog “Campus Look” that will still exist because I am still a college student this semester. These photos taken in October 2014 that’s what my hair still dark grey-purplish. Speaking about achievement, if you are following my instagram you'll know that I was chosen as one of winners of Avenue OOTD, I cant thank enough to everyone who help me, especially my friend, Cian who can pass as the photographer for most outfit posts on this blog, she took all of my Avenue OOTDs in the middle of our final exams. I never think I will win but hey it happened and I am completely happy, flattered and blessed, thank you Avenue for the news, it’s my first achievement as fashion influencer/blogger this year, and I thank my dear Lord Jesus for everything, without Him, I am just nothing and I might be invisible. I’ll do great I mean my best ahead :) Please continue supporting and loving me as always, my gorgeous readers <3
J.REP shoes / PUMA watch / SEVEN DECEMBER shirt / BUNGA necklace + ring

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello there gorgeous reader, we meet again. Finally. Thanks to everything that you’ve given so much attention to this blog even though I was such a lazy blogger in this case, no post for one week huh, WHAT?!. I am really sorry. I just came back to Manado last Saturday. I spent almost three weeks in East Kalimantan and it was really great holiday. Catching up with big families in the tiny little village where my dad had have raised and grown up and it was the big reason why I couldn’t take care of this blog, yap there’s no a proper internet connection there. We got to attend my cousin’s wedding as well, so we were as busy as you can imagine. On the bright side, I completely enjoyed living my life to its fullest with people who I care and love the most. I also had some time to hang out with some close friends when I went back to the town (Balikpapan). Eating like there’s no tomorrow, fall asleep comfortably without worrying about waking up early for school were two my ultimate holiday’s goals that needed to be stop now. I have to live healthier and start running like I used to do.
Enough with the explanation about my absence, now I am going to take you to one of best resorts in Manado. It’s called Villa Dahlia Resort, situated at Jalan Raya Tanawangko, no 289, Kalasey, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. 20 minutes from Manado City and about 45 minutes from Sam Ratulangi International Airport. I went there to attend my niece and nephew, Maxella & Mark’s farewell party with their elementary school friends.
If you want to blend with beautiful green garden and great ocean view here in Manado, Villa Dahlia is a good choice. You can see Manado Tua island and Bunaken island from here. Actually this resort was first built by diver in 2010 for happy divers who seek happiness in staying and diving. They offer highly-trained and experienced team lives for your diving experience. But it is more than that! They also serve the best food and room service as well. Diving, snorkeling and rafting trips can be arranged on site. Now is the time to try something new, something different, something better!

Maxella & Mark’s mom booked one room that day, too bad I didn’t manage to take some photos. All rooms are based on twin-share occupation and air-conditioned
individually. Each room has western-style bathroom. Each room completed with satellite TV, minibar, Wi-Fi, and even breakfast delivery. Villa Dahlia Resort is a beachfront property surrounded by natural landscapes. Don’t wait until it’s too late, book now :)
The main swimming pool, IDR 100.000 for a dip.
The garden
Kid's swimming pool
Salted swimming pool, it's warmer at night. You can experience swimming like you are in the ocean.
The room
The balcony/terrace
BELLAGIO oxford shoes / GOGIRL bag / ICE watch
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