Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I have learned for the past 3 years that just because my main identity as a style blogger doesn’t mean I have to write down about fashion news and giving different style advices everyday, yep I think I've shared some style advices I know almost every time I post about outfit posts that make me feel like I say the same thing over and over again and I just try to use different words when I reiterate them. I always want to share something more than what I wore for the day, I choose to write about what I need to say related to my life story especially when I've exhausted and squeezed out all the life lessons. I even have a couple of posts where I tell you I don't know what to write anymore but I hope that you get to this sentence :) All I'm trying to say is, I hope that you will still stay with me despite this abstract thoughts I'm currently having. I promise it'll be better after this very stressful weeks but it's still a blessing that I don't run out of things to randomly talk about with you guys and hopefully I will come up with better blog posts when my mind has rested someday :) so, let us keep cheering and looking forward to a better day and to be a better person. Keep calm and let it go the things you cant deal anymore.
Anyway, I have a story related to this outfit, these photos bellow was taken at the day after I took my last final exam 4 months ago, the day when I had no idea to start joining a new community with aggressive skaters and slalom skaters here in Manado. I and my friends decided to officially say goodbye to that stressful week by celebrating with some cola floats, french fries, ice creams and fried chickens at McDonald's and suddenly I asked my friends to take my OOTD outdoor. Long story short, we ended up taking my OOTD photos at the skate park near McDonald's, I remembered that day was still full with people who pass by at the park because it was still fasting month but I didn't give a care with those people (even some skaters) who gave their weird stares and I truly enjoyed being photographed by my friends. The funniest part is when it still remains on my mind about the words which came out from my mouth that day, I said it to my friends that 'I dont care with their stares (skaters) who literally seemed a little bit confused to witness my activity (as a blogger). Who knows someday I might befriend with them' and now, coincidentally I really made friends with them now. First impression, they all looked so arrogant, but after that I see that they are totally humble and so friendly even some of them gave their know-how about tricks to be a good skater for newbie like me.
MISSISSIPPI jeans / BIJOU sleeveless top / J,REP shoes / DIY batik necklace / CASIO watch

Monday, September 15, 2014

I really love the constant change of clothes in every season. Last year, I was into wearing floral, pastels, or something colorful you can think of and now I am back to wearing black and whites all the. I guess that’s the beauty of growing up things constantly change. Sometimes changing your style is good, fashion is not a sin lol. You gotta be creative with your own sense and style. Find your inner beauty.
J.REP flat shoes / GAUDI leggings / AVENUE shirt / PUMA watch / FASHION ART thumb ring / AIRWALK bag

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don’t you ever get those days where you only could feel like you have nothing to wear so you resort to the clothes you’ve worn a million times because they’re super comfortable? That’s how I feel every single day. But as a blogger, I have to inspire people from the way I dress up even though I couldn’t help myself for wearing those comfortable clothes over and over again when I feel too lazy to dress up. Anyway, talk about about dreams/goals, my grandma asked me this morning what would I do after I graduate from public health faculty? Looking for job? Get a master degree? Is there any goals I want to accomplish in the near future? Well, to be honest I have so many dreams and goals but I’d like to keep them in secret :)
NIKE Lunar Forever 3 shoes / UWU SCHOOL denim jacket / ADIDAS watch / RIPCURL snapback / Joe Phillips shorts

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Voice out your feelings. How many times do we complain and get annoyed without actually doing something about it? Hey, there's no point of keeping things to ourselves and hope that our silence can make a change. If we disagree or dislike, voice out and make a change. Anyway, I got tons of homework to bang. Hectic week before and ahead. Wish for more than 24hours a day. But they said be careful of what you wished for.
NIKE Elite Casual shoes / LOLY POLY iPhone case / glasses / DIY necklace / FASHION ART headpiece / ADIDAS watch

Friday, September 5, 2014

Time for another post of SRS Blog’s food diary. It’s really rare to me to post about this topic, well you can judge me because I’m living apart from my parents because of school and it explains a lot why I try to not waste my money for the sake of happy tummy. And I dont have much money to try all that kind of foods offered here in every restaurants, hotel, cafe but whenever I have a chance to write my review related food & beverage, I give it a try :)
This was my first time tried eating sushi and to use chopsticks. Among other Japanese restaurants that become more popular in Indonesia, I chose De’ Sushi to fulfill my eagerness to eat after jogging that day. It was so hard for me to pick which one I wanted because everything looks too good printed on the menu! So I, Nopi and Eka decided to share our foods, we ordered Unagi Maki, Rock n’ Roll,  Edamame, Ice Ocha, Ice Lemon tea, Chicken Mental Ramen, Salmon Mental Roll. They have too many selection of tasteful Japanese food. You should come and try it, surely you'll get satisfaction.
Location : De’ Sushi Balikpapan (Sudirman street)
Telephone : 0542 - 721.9560

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

OMGosh! Many people asked me what’s my personal campus style. They seemed confused whenever they see me at campus, I’ve always changed my style and it depends on my mood, I don’t have my own signature style, although it’s lack but I love discovering the different look of Ollyvia Laura everyday. I love having fun with myself, and I love spending money just for the sake of new shoes or clothes that my closet couldn’t agree more with my crazy habit. And today as promised, another campus look for you who have been waiting for this, this time I tried to be an innocent & trendy student, in my opinion this also can be called as office look. What do you think?
TRIANA jacket / PUMA watch / FASHION ART thumb ring / LONGCHAMP bag / THETHINGSCORNER shoes / SOLE MIO flower top